Alerts: Feb 20, 2019

We will be operating on a two-hour delay today, Wednesday, February 20, 2019. Before and After Care programming will follow normal operating hours.  Students should be at the bus stop 2 hours later than normal. 


Staff Directory

Office Staff

Principal - Ruben De Luna (Contact Me)
8th Grade Assistant Principal - Retha Swain (Contact Me) 317-964-6686
Administrative Assistant to the Principal - Candis Tucker (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Kristan Ozier (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principals - Jane Neal (Contact Me)
Receptionist/ Bilingual Translation Verbal & Written - Rocio Colmenero-Monroy (Contact Me) 317-964-6600
Registrar - Lisa (Charisse) Acklin (Contact Me)
Attendance Secretary - Mickie Jones (Contact Me) 317-964-6605 Reporting absence or early release 317-964-6605
Athletic Director - Bradley Phelps (Contact Me)
Nurse - Beth Dreiman (Contact Me) 317-964-6697
Nurse - Kim Roquemore (Contact Me) 317-964-6684
Cafeteria Manager - Eady Hisle (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Demetrice Merriweather (Contact Me)
Technology - Brad Elliott (Contact Me)
Technology - Shawn Carpenter (Contact Me)

Alternative Instructional Setting

Jamie Bradley (Contact Me)


Kimberly Dax (Contact Me)
Adrianne Overby (Contact Me)


Kim Duncan (Contact Me)

College & Career

Niimah Collins (Contact Me)

E-Learning/Information Specialist

Amy Bush (Contact Me)

English as a New Language

Julianna Cruz Martinez (Contact Me)

Exceptional Learners

Victoria Toney (Contact Me) Coordinator
Kim Baron (Contact Me)
Elliot Boarden (Contact Me)
Ashley Dawson-Bottorff (Contact Me)
Brandon M. Brooks (Contact Me) DDTP
Occupational Therapist - Glenda Gerulski (Contact Me)
Sarah Johnson (Contact Me)
Lorin Mauck (Contact Me)
Physical Therapist - Amy Mozingo (Contact Me)
Elizabeth Wiley (Contact Me)
Lauren Wilson (Contact Me)
School Psychologist - Courtney Salge (Contact Me)
Speech Language Pathologist - Megen Smith (Contact Me)
Life Skills Teacher - Averie Conner (Contact Me)


8th Grade Guidance Counselor - Sarah Spearman (Contact Me)
7th Grade Guidance Counselor - Larry Pierce (Contact Me)

Language Arts

Sarah Butts (Contact Me)
Julie Cruz Martinez (Contact Me)
Gene Dodge (Contact Me)
Adam Dundas (Contact Me)
Steve Helgeson (Contact Me)
Danielle Smith (Contact Me)
Jennifer Stuttle (Contact Me)
Riley Ubelhor (Contact Me)
Betsy Wheatley (Contact Me)


Heather Clark (Contact Me)
Janet Farmer (Contact Me)
Patrice Ford (Contact Me)
Jeff Harker (Contact Me)
Michelle Johnson (Contact Me)
Kellie Kirkhoff (Contact Me)
Jason Phillips (Contact Me)
Charonda Woods (Contact Me)

Media Center

Tricia Wells (Contact Me)

Performing Arts

Amanda Camacho (Contact Me) Orchestra
Shannon Jones (Contact Me) Band Director
Elizabeth Warrner (Contact Me)  Choir Director

Physical Education/Health

Brandon L. Brooks (Contact Me)
Tom Linkmeyer (Contact Me)
Charlie Pinkerton (Contact Me)
(Jeffrey) Scott White (Contact Me)

Project Lead the Way

Joshua Quinn (Contact Me)
Jason Williams (Contact Me)


Teresa Bradburn (Contact Me)
Jermaine Dearman (Contact Me)
Nicholas Felker (Contact Me)
Lindsay Fisher (Contact Me)
Cheryl Hizer (Contact Me)
Paula Schmidt-Hobbs (Contact Me)
Neil Kazmierczak (Contact Me)

Social Studies

Allyson Cooksey (Contact Me)
Allison Foxworthy (Contact Me)
Crystal Johnson (Contact Me)
Travis Owens (Contact Me)
Joshua Varno (Contact Me)
Damon Voss (Contact Me)
Caleb Wakefield (Contact Me)

Spanish Immersion

Yolanda Soto (Contact Me)
Gema Camarasa (Contact Me)
Jennifer Pizarro (Contact Me)

World Languages

Dustin Mills (Contact Me)
Landon Peterson (Contact Me) Spanish
Walter Feshold (Contact Me) Digital Citizenship